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F2 Recycling has established itself as the main target in the industry, using modern and scientific methods that the industry needs. F2 Recycling sees the waste procurement process, the process of processing waste and delivering it to industrial enterprises, not only as a business, but also as the future of our country and the world. Wastes are converted to 700 tons of productive raw material per month by using modern recycling devices in our facility established on an area of ​​3000 m2. It has all the certificates required in accordance with the recycling policies and regulations that started in the 1900s of our state and gained momentum at the beginning of 2000s, and started production in full capacity as of 2019.


To contribute to the protection of our declining natural resources by converting recyclable materials, which are described as non-use waste, to the raw materials needed by the manufacturing industry, and “Leave a More Livable World!” In line with its principle, it is to emphasize the importance of recycling and create awareness. On the basis of this goal, our institutional structure is based on customer satisfaction.


To be one of the important players of the raw material supply process needed by the industrial organizations of our country, using modern, scientific and efficient waste processing methods, and to become one of the locomotive organizations of the sector by entering the European and Far East market in the following processes. Continuously improving its technology, producing more producible products and contributing to the development of environmentally friendly generations.